Visa information

Any foreigner seeking to enter the United Republic of Tanzania is subject to the following entry requirements:

  • A passport or Travel Document which is valid for not less than six months issued by a State or an International Organization recognized by the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania and
  • That, he is a holder of or his name is endorsed upon a Residence Permit or a Pass  issued in accordance with the provisions of the Immigration Act No. 7 of 1995; or
  • A valid Visa (for nationals whose country require visa) which is obtained at any Tanzania Mission abroad or on arrival at any designated entry points

A Visa is a permission granted to a foreigner other than a prohibited Immigrant to enter and remain in the United Republic of Tanzania for the purpose of visit, leisure, holiday, business, health treatment, studies, or any other activity which is not illegal under the Laws of the United Republic of Tanzania.


It should be noted that the possession of a Visa is not a final authority to enter the United Republic of Tanzania. The Immigration Officer at the entry point may refuse such a person permission to enter if he is satisfied that he is unable to fulfil immigration entry requirements and that the presence of such person/visitor in the United Republic of Tanzania would be contrary to the national interests. 

Categories of visas:

There are five categories of Visas which may be granted to foreigners other than prohibited immigrants who seek to enter the United Republic of Tanzania as follows: Ordinary Visa; Transit Visa; Multiple Entry Visa; Gratis Visa; Referral Visa 

Letter of invitation

In order to acquire a visa invitation letter please make sure you are registered and, if required, have paid for your registration - your registration manager will gladly assist.

For more information: Ursula Moyi

Phone: +27 (0) 21 700 3500