Key partners

Agriculture Council of Tanzania (ACT) is the umbrella organisation of the  agricultural private sector in the country. It unites groups and  associations of farmers, livestock keepers, suppliers, processors,  transporters and researchers in order to push for improved economical and  organisational environment of the sector.  ACT believes that a dialogue between stakeholders and strengthening the agricultural associations can assist the sector to become  commercialised and highly productive, leading to poverty reduction and improved  standard of living for the agricultural community which constitutes the majority of Tanzanians.

The Tanzania Horticultural Association (TAHA) is an apex private sector member based organisation that advocates for the growth and competitiveness of the horticultural industry in Tanzania. Since its inception in 2004, TAHA has been an effective voicing platform for producers, traders, exporters and processors of the horticultural products mainly; flowers, fruits, vegetables, horticultural seeds,and spices. The Association safeguards the interest of the private sector and ensures the industry issues are well mainstreamed at the national and international agenda.